Good news everyone! Weekend, Friday/Saturday and Sunday tickets for Leprecon 35 are now on sale here!

Click here for our RPGs and LARPs timetable!

Leprecon is on March 7th­ – 9th, 2014 in Goldsmith Hall at the back of Trinity College Dublin. It’s Ireland’s oldest gaming convention, and is best appreciated like a fine aged wine.

As usual, we’ll be presenting some of the finest RPGs and LARPs Ireland can offer, as well as welcoming back the Pathfinder Society with their own selection of great games. And the Warmachine and Hordes Masters is back at Leprecon and bigger than ever! With players traveling from all over Europe to attend, including a real life Viking from Norway, this is going to be the biggest and best year yet. The format for the tournament will be 5 rounds of 50 points using the Masters 2014 rules­pack.

More information on Leprecon and on our exciting monster punching related plans will be available as we get it here on our website! Alternatively you can like us on Facebook! See you there.


Con Director, Leprecon 35

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