Leprecon takes place in Trinity College’s Goldsmith Hall, right in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, so there are plenty of hotels, hostels and B&Bs to choose from nearby. Here are our suggestions!

Trinity Capital Hotel
Right on Pearse St, just a five minute walk down the road from Goldsmith Hall.

O’Callaghan Hotels
Possibly slightly closer than the Trinity Capital Hotel in a different direction, with attractive surroundings and a decent bar. They have two hotels on opposite sides of the street, just around the corner from the venue: The Mont Clare and The Davenport.

Isaacs Hostel
A bit of a walk away, around 15 minutes across the river. Reasonably cheap and nice hostel.

The Lombard
If you completely object to walking any distance at all you can stay above the pub across the road from the venue. The bar itself isn’t anything to write home about but the accommodation has a good reputation and there is something to be said for being 30 seconds from the convention.

The Pearse Hotel
Right on Pearse St, just minutes to walk to Goldsmith Hall and reasonably priced.

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