Boardgames are one of the most fun and varied traditions at Leprecon. As always, this year’s con will feature old classics and new treasures for you to borrow and play with friends – or strangers, even better! This year we’re also hosting our first Boardgames Arena, inviting you to play games, collect chips and win great prizes. Stay tuned for announcements of our tournaments and more details.

Indie Boardgame Competition

Once more Leprecon is delighted to host our Indie Boardgame Design competition. We are giving you the opportunity to showcase your original boardgame to a wider audience, get feedback on your design from players and other designers and win some great prizes.

If you’re interested in running your game for some or all of the weekend, we’ll provide you with space to run your demos at your leisure and arrange times for judging. Spaces are limited so get in touch with It doesn’t have to be ready yet, but the sooner you get in touch the better we can organise to accommodate you.

Welcome to the Boardgame Arena!

Play boardgames to get tickets which can be exchanged for swag and raffle entries to win cool prizes! To help cover the cost of some of these prizes the price for the Boardgames Arena will be 3 Euro per day or 5 Euro for the weekend.

Tickets for playing a boardgame are based on the length of time it took to play the game. You can only report one game per hour:
+1 ticket for a game of less than an hour.
+2 tickets for a game between one and three hours
+4 tickets for a game lasting three or more hours

In addition to the tickets for simply playing a boardgame you can get bonus tickets for any of the following:
+1 bonus ticket for playing with someone you haven’t played with before.
+1 bonus ticket for playing a game you’ve never played before.
+1 bonus ticket for teaching someone a game and playing it with them.
+1 bonus ticket for playing a game with five or more players.

One bonus ticket will be awarded at certain times over the weekend for playing specific types of games according to the following schedule:
Friday Evening: Deck Building games
Saturday Morning: Euro games
Saturday Afternoon: Cooperative games
Saturday Evening: Games with hidden roles
Sunday Morning: Worker Placement games
Sunday Afternoon: Any game!

Whether a game fits a category is up to the final adjudication of the volunteers on the boardgame desk. So long as you start your game during the specified time period, and tell the arena volunteers, you will be awarded the bonus ticket even if your game lasts until a new period.

Every 10 tickets you receive will get you an entry into the raffle which will have names drawn from it twice daily on Saturday and Sunday. For every 25 tickets you get you’ll get an entry into the mega raffle which will be drawn from on Saturday evening and Sunday just before the end of the convention. See the desk for prizes available from these raffles.

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