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Thirteenth Time’s A Charm

A LARP for 13 players by Feargal Keenan

You know what really sucks? Having to spend your weekend rushing to Uncle Vigo DeMontague’s bedside as he (yet again) prepares to shed this old, old (really old) mortal coil and finally let someone else take over running the family.

Admittedly this time it’s suitably serious to bring all the feuding sides of the family together in one place (oh, like that’s ever gone well) at deMontague Manor where they say our ancestors made pacts with Eldritch Horrors and demonic forces (personally I think the only Eldritch Horror around here is the odd damp patch in the living room carpet) still it’s not like anyone would ever “help the old boy along”, heavens no. Not even for the vast Inheritance

We’re family after all, we all love each other…

…Except for creepy cousin Clara…no one likes her.

A Sea of Silver

A Werewolf the Apocalypse LARP for 15 New Characters by Hannah Bechara & Dave McCabe

For time immemorial, the Silver Fang Tribe have been the leaders by birthright of the Werewolf nation. The tales celebrating their heroism and vigilance against corruption in the ceaseless war against the evils of the Wyrm are without number. However, in the modern world “King by birthright” and “purity of blood” no longer carry the weight they once did. Today the Silver Fangs struggle to hold on to what once made them great: the purity of their lineage and their selective breeding. And every year, the number of pure bred tribe members attending their gatherings dwindle and more and more people claim the Silver Fangs to be a relic of a bygone age. Tonight, the tribe gathers to once more prove them wrong. The youngest son of John Fitzgerald, White Knight and scion of the purest blood is to be formally bethrothed to the only daughter of the great purebred hero, Clarice Turns-the-Foe. An auspicious pairing guaranteed to produce another generation of heroes to raise high the Tribe of Falcon. Unfortunately, gossip flies and tempers flare behind closed doors, it is rumoured that Fitzgerald’s boy is illegitimate – that he is not Fitzgerald’s purebred son. Ireland’s wolves and their kin are invited to join the gathering as the fur begins to fly…

Spring Jamboree

A LARP for 8-16 scouts by Michelle Haward

Mom! Mooooom! I need you to sign the permission slip! Spring Jamboree is next weekend and I really wanna go. There’ll be other scouts and camping and we’ll be able to do our rituals and get badges and this is the only time in the next 40 years where we can get our Celestial Convergence badge and Scout Master La Hotep says it is a once in a lifetime chance for us! Please mom! I swear I’ll clean out the summoning circle every day! Thanks mom! You’re the best!

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Den of Villainy

A LARP for 15 players by Aidan Marsh and Si Appleby

There are those in this world who call us villains. Personally, I see us as entrepreneurs – those who can see past such high-minded notions such as ethics, or morality and see the world as it truly is. And what it is, ladies and gentlemen, is an Opportunity just waiting to be seized. To that end I would like to invite you all to an evening of wine and leisure, culminating in an auction of one of this city’s most valuable commodities: Rook City’s dark defender herself: The Wraith.

Signed: The Chairman

In the Court of the Mad King

A “Changeling: The Lost” LARP for 14 players and 1 very Mad King by Siskey

It is the height of the Regency in England. The Prince of Wales rules in the stead of his father, whose madness has escalated. The war against Napoleon rages on with no end in sight, but a new ally has come from a surprising quarter. The people of Faerie have thrown off their vile oppressors and have made a representation to the Crown. Their offer? To become part of the United Kingdom and join the fight against Bonaparte. What do they want in return? That remains to be seen…

Scintillan Concorde: Showtime

A Dark Heresy LARP for 12 players by the IGA.

“Greetings vidfeed viewers, I’m your host, Salacious Skive, and tonight I’m transmitting live from the sold out concert by the planet’s latest craze: The Boatmen. They have drawn crowds from all sectors of Scintilla’s population. I see a row of Administratum Adepts dancing alongside Gangers & Mercs, Ecclesiarchs queuing behind Joygirls & some of The Bronze, and a few PDF Generals carefully watching the Sharps in the crowd.

It’s been a meteoric rise for the, until recently, underground group, they’ve repeatedly thanked their benevolent Patrons who paved the way for their success and in an act of reciprocal generosity they are passed out a limited number of passes that guarantee Access All Areas to their fans. I’ll be on hand to interview the band and find out what’s next in their plan for global domination. . . . Stay tuned for more.”

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